Soccer’s most important stakeholders in the US turn to LFC for advice and assistance – as do prospective investors seeking business opportunities tied to the US soccer industry.

What we do:

Analytical business planning
We create independent business plans for start-up and mature industry entities tied to the diverse US soccer landscape. While each situation is unique, analytical business planning normally focuses on concept feasibility, alternative options & structures and recommendations for improving / maximizing financial returns and long-term asset appreciation. Where relevant, best practices are utilized from the global soccer and Big 4 US sport industries .

For example, during a period of organizational transition, LFC was retained by the Confederation of North, Central American & Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) to evaluate its existing operational structure, creating an extensive business plan report focused on organizational and financial parameters and providing recommendations to improve operational effectiveness and future earnings.

Market entry strategies
Given our depth of knowledge around the US market -- and understanding of the opportunities, challenges and benchmarks -- LFC is well positioned to tailor recommendations and strategies focused on the diverse industry, from the extensive youth participation base to the increasing sophistication of the US-based fan to the continued expansion of professional teams at the MLS and lower division levels.

For example, LFC was retained by Major League Soccer (MLS) to evaluate prospective expansion markets, focusing on such factors as population demographics, soccer TV ratings, income metrics, stadium location, existing soccer infrastructure & competition from other professional sports teams.

Research & advisory
Utilizing our knowledge and appreciation of global soccer practices and building upon the experiences of Big 4 US sports, LFC offers traditional research, advisory and management consultancy services -- tailoring objective, comprehensive and confidential client reports. In this regard, our expertise around the history, landscape and changing dynamics of soccer in the US is paramount – as is our extensive professional network, both in the US and around the world.

For example, LFC was retained by Deloitte Sports Business Group to provide US soccer expertise with regard to strategic options for the development of a professional soccer league in the US. In addition to league recommendations, research and advice was rendered around player development and geographic opportunities.

Project management
Our broad professional experience across diverse functional areas -- including finance, legal, sales, human resources and operations -- allows LFC to be a resource across a broad range of projects. Given our industry knowledge and contacts, we’re able to start project work with little or no learning curve.

For example, US Soccer retained us to evaluate the organizational and ownership structure, match day operations, technical infrastructure and financial underpinnings of several professional soccer teams.

Deal facilitation
Based upon our knowledge, experience, professionalism and candor, industry stakeholders have come to trust LFC. And our professional network at all levels of the game continues to grow – both in the US and around the world. This unique combination allows LFC to act as an industry facilitator, identifying opportunities, introducing prospective business partners and facilitating transactions.

For example, LFC was retained by Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) to identify prospective team investors for the start-up league, conduct due diligence and facilitate negotiations between the parties. Through an extensive process LFC was instrumental in adding three WPS team ownership groups.